An Exceptional Heritage

North London Collegiate School (NLCS), founded in 1850, is the oldest academic girls’ school in England. Established by the great Victorian pioneer in women’s education, Frances Mary Buss, it has provided an exceptional education for its students for over 170 years.​

In the UK, NLCS has an exemplary record of the highest academic achievements, a strong tradition of providing an ambitious education, and a spirit of adventure and encouragement of individuality. NLCS (UK) exam results place the school consistency as one of the top schools in the UK league tables for the IB Diploma, A Levels and GCSEs. ​

North London Collegiate School Ho Chi Minh City (NLCS HCMC) aims to be the first academically selective co-educational junior school to blend the best of Vietnamese, international and NLCS education. The school will provide an ambitious education, encouraging scholarship and a love of learning. The importance placed on pastoral care, ensuring that no student is without support in their time at the school, and the strength of an education which truly allows the whole personality to grow, are the basis of an NLCS education.

Each of our international schools has achieved outstanding academic success, adapting an NLCS education to their particular cultural setting. We are extremely proud of all that has been achieved at our other international schools and look forward to bringing that philosophy to life in a new cultural context in Vietnam, and to welcoming you to the North London Collegiate Family of Schools.​

Gwen Byrom​
Director of Education Strategy​, NLCS International
Governor of NLCS Jeju, NLCS Dubai and NLCS (Singapore)​