Junior School

Throughout the Junior School, pupils enjoy their lessons and activities. In fact, they are having so much fun that they hardly know they are learning!

Life in the Junior School will be vibrant, happy and exciting, with a rich curriculum and warm sense of community in order to give your child the best possible start to their education.

The Junior School will be a separate space within the school, ensuring it is well suited to the youngest members of the NLCS HCMC community. Within this space, there will be classrooms and dedicated spaces for the study of science, digital design, art, music and drama. Alongside excellent learning facilities, there will be dedicated indoors and outdoors spaces for play and learning.

Students in the Junior School will follow a full curriculum and rapidly develop skills. The curriculum will be based on that of NLCS (UK). This is an academically ambitious programme of learning where our Vietnamese and international teachers together create an environment in which children are able to actively develop new skills, knowledge and understanding.

In all parts of the curriculum, expert and inventive teaching is supported by committed pastoral care. Older students play their part, mentoring and befriending pupils.

As throughout the school, the environment is non-competitive. Pupils are challenged only to better themselves and class positions are never published, an approach that consistently brings out the best in the bright, young pupils.