“A happy child is a successful child.”

Exceptional Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

NLCS HCMC prides itself on providing exceptional pastoral care for every student. We believe that by supporting students in all aspects of their lives and removing any barriers to learning, they will reach their full potential.

All our teachers understand that they have a part to play in the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. Each teacher has a pastoral responsibility to help the students flourish, and to encourage them to take advantage of all the school offers. Equal value is placed on academic and non-academic achievements; all success is celebrated, and students thrive as they discover their individual talents.

Teachers at NLCS HCMC will be supported by junior school leaders and medical staff in ensuring the social and emotional well-being of every member of the school community.


Mental health and wellbeing strongly correlate with students’ academic performance. In order to provide an exceptional academic experience, our pastoral team ensures that all of our students are known by a Tutor.

We identify and celebrate strengths, kindness, gratitude, giving back to society, and positive emotions through tutor and PSHE programmes in the UK and Vietnam, which are delivered weekly. The PSHE programme will help our students understand the importance of tolerance and respect for diversity in today’s modern society. It will develop their confidence in their ability to achieve their aspirations and encourage them to make informed choices about future life decisions. The social and emotional skills, knowledge and behaviours that young people learn at NLCS will help them build resilience, setting the pattern for how they will manage their physical and mental health throughout their lives.

Personal Development

We place high demands on our students and are ambitious for each of them. We believe every child can be successful and achieve their potential. We do not rank students because we believe this creates unhealthy competition, stress and unnecessary feelings of failure for many. Instead, we encourage students to be reflective in all aspects of their school life, to learn from mistakes and to set personal goals.

We believe this environment encourages students to develop self-confidence and a positive relationship with their studies, their peers and their school.

Students are supported and cared for in every aspect of their lives, both academic and emotional.