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Dual Language Immersion

Utilising dual language immersion, NLCS HCMC offers classes taught by two lead teachers simultaneously in English and Vietnamese. Carefully planned lessons introduce all key concepts in both languages without compromising the quality of students’ studies. This allows students to further develop their vocabularies without covering the same content twice. In Grades 1 through 3, there are two teachers and one teaching assistant per class. One teacher will be responsible for teaching in Vietnamese and the second teacher will be responsible for teaching in English. 

As students progress through the junior school, more teaching will take place in English to ensure proper language acquisition in preparation for later years. Vietnamese-fluent teachers will be on hand through grades 4 and 5 to ensure students retain a fluency and connection with Vietnamese culture, language and history. 

An Exceptional Education


North London Collegiate School HCMC draws upon the NLCS curriculum. Core elements of a variety of educational programmes are carefully considered and integrated to ensure studies exceed international standards while students develop a strong local identity. 

Pastoral Care

Our school prides itself on providing exceptional pastoral care for every student. Our pastoral care is focused on individual support for each pupil, developing resilience and a sense of perspective, so that they are able to tackle challenges head-on, learn from setbacks and have the confidence to try again if things don’t work out initially.

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