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– Do you care about enrolling your children in extracurricular activities?

– What criteria do you rely on to choose the right activities for their children?

– How can you tell which activity is the one for your child?

The practice of extracurricular activities for children, even from primary school, is certainly not beyond parents’ ken, with the hope that their children will have the opportunity to develop comprehensively in both academic knowledge and social skills. Alongside the core curriculum at school, children participate in music classes, art clubs, sports, dance classes, etc., after school or on weekends. 

However, it is worth noting that in many cases, parents enroll their children in extracurricular activities without caring about their children’s interests and talents. This may be because they lack experience and simply follow trends or the popularity of certain subjects. Another reason may be that parents set their own directions from the beginning and unintentionally impose those expectations on their children, leading them to pursue activities without any interest.

In fact, parents need to have a long-term process of observation, regular conversation and deep sharing, to truly understand their children’s interests and talents. Sometimes, children may express fleeting desires such as wanting to be a singer, musician, or dancer when they grow up, but parents mistakenly believe that they have talent in those areas.


Allow children to experience and discover at their own pace

Children need the freedom to explore and experience a variety of subjects to discover their interests, rather than studying based on the desires of their parents. Once their talent is identified, they will acquire focused training and nurturing in that certain subject. Conversely, if they lack interest, no amount of coercion will make them comfortable in their studies, resulting in ineffective learning and thus wasting time and resources.

At NLCS HCMC, we always encourage students to try out all activities to discover their interests or identify which subjects they are truly suited for. Discovering one’s talents at the age of 6 or 7 is amazing, but it becomes even more wonderful when students have the opportunity to try out all subjects to determine where to invest more time based on their genuine interests and long-term development potential.


The Talent Identification Programme at NLCS HCMC – Enabling students to discover their interests, passions, while fostering confidence from an early age

The education at NLCS HCMC is about much more than lessons; it’s an abundance of exciting opportunities and activities upon which our students thrive. We augment academic life with a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, thereby creating better educated, confident students.

By designing a diverse Talent Identification Programme (TIP) encompassing music, sports, and creative arts subjects, NLCS HCMC offers students a plethora of exploration activities beyond classroom hours. These classes are held from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on weekdays, featuring a structured curriculum and internationally recognized outcomes.


The Piano program not only equips students with fundamental to advanced technical foundations but also fosters their maximum musical personality and potential, creative ability, perceptiveness, and logical thinking development in a creative educational environment.

The music curriculum and teachers for the Piano program are provided by the Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy – a leading academy in Vietnam, ensuring outstanding learning quality for students at NLCS HCMC.

Giáo viên tận tình hướng dẫn các em thực hành đàn piano
NLCS HCMC students are currently studying piano using the “Music for Little Mozarts Book 1” curriculum, with guidance from teachers who have many years of experience teaching music to children.The program provides students not only technical foundations but also other skills such as performance etiquette, confidence, public interaction and communication abilities. 


The Vocal classes not only impart knowledge and vocal techniques to develop singing abilities, but also nurture students’ other special skills such as sensitivity, expressivity, confidence and the ability to connect and interact with others.
With Vocal lessons delivered by experienced teachers, NLCS HCMC’s students will be able to approach the subject from a scientific perspective with an analysis of the accompanying physical feelings associated with producing vocal sounds. Simultaneous work with these two factors will help students understand their own particular vocal production and improve their technique after each session.

The curriculum is built upon a foundation of both classical and modern music theory, striking a balance between Vietnamese and international musical culture. This approach enables students to learn and practice various styles and genres of music. Upon completion of the knowledge and techniques at each level of the program, students are awarded international certificates from Trinity or ABRSM. 


Learning string instruments gives students a hollistic perspective on music, as well as interactivity and connectivity. String techniques, requiring complex coordination of both hands, also contribute to flexibility and dexterity in the fingers, hands and arms.

Through the curriculum, students learn about the history and theory of music while simultaneously developing their technical skills from basic to advanced levels. Additionally, they enhance their confidence through performance skills and by connecting and interacting with audiences.

NLCS HCMC students practice playing the violin under the guidance of experienced teachers


The Guitar class is also divided into several levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Teachers guide students in techniques such as finger positioning, finger transitions, hand transitions, and rhythm skills to practice various musical styles based on each student’s preferences and style.

The guitar training program is designed for students aged six and above. Regardless of their starting level, all students undergo a process of technical practice, theory application, and development of interactive and creative abilities.

Arts, music, and sports activities are integral parts of the exceptional education at NLCS HCMC. We place great emphasis on real-world experiences through artistic subjects, thereby stimulating intellectual development for holistic character growth and fostering confidence both inside and outside the classroom. 



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